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expansion tectonics, plate tectonics, ocean formation, mountain formation, volcanoes, and earthquake dynamics:

VideoScript: Four Theories of Earth Expansion and the Eocene Event. Prepared for the "New Concepts in Global Tectonics Conference," Urbino, Italy--2004.   Copyright January 2004

VideoSkript: Platten-Tektonik ist Expansions-Tektonik: Die Tektonik aufsteigender Berge und wachsender Kontinentalplatten. Theuern Konferenz, Oberpfalz, Deutschland 2003.
 Copyright Mai 2003

VideoScript: Plate Tectonics is Expansion Tectonics: The Tectonics of Rising Mountains and growing Continental Plates. Theuern Conference, Oberpfalz, Germany 2003.  Copyright May 2003

Essay: The international "New Concepts in Global Tectonics Conference" was held in May of 2002 in La Junta, Colorado, 2002 . . . .  Copyright May 2002


Planet Earth Expanding and the Eocene Tectonic Event--Paradigm Shift Toward Expansion Tectonics--presented in two parts (80 printed pages).   Copyright October 1999

Note: these are large files; they may take a while to load
Part One: Chapters 1-5

 Part Two: Chapters 6-10, plus bibliography with expansion-related web links

Earth Expansion models: 

1. Images: Expansion sequence of the Atlantic Ocean

2. Images: Expansion sequence of the Indian Ocean

3. Images: Expansion sequence of the Southern Hemisphere--Epicenter of the Eocene Tectonic Event

4. Images: Expansion sequence of the Pacific Ocean and movement of Antarctica


Earlier entries:

Video Script for Expansion Tectonics, 1996. Part One and portions of Part Three of this video were presented at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, 1 June 1996, by invitation of the National Archaeology and Ethnology Museum of Poland, and of the University of Warsaw.

Reflections on "A Unified Theory of Earth Expansion, Pacific Evacuation and Orogenesis," in Theophrastus' Contributions to Advanced Studies in Geology (pages 61-73): Athens, Greece, January 1996.

Copyrights, 1997,1998, 1999, 2002, 2003

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Other web sites on Earth Expansion are listed in the Bibliography at the end of the October 1999 essay, Planet Earth Expanding and the Eocene Tectonic Event...


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